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Date 2018-02-05.03:47:21
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> We don't remove unsupported socket flags on Unix, why should we do it for Windows?

We have this problem because: compile with new Windows SDK, but run on old version Windows.
On Linux/Unix, the compile-time headers always consist with the system, so there should not has this problem.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

> The other option would be to always hide the new constant on Windows in 3.6, and make it unconditionally available on 3.7.

Search on GitHub [1], most people only check whether `socket` has such flags, like this:
if hasattr(socket, "TCP_KEEPCNT"):
Most of they don't check platform or Python version, so I'm -1 on this option.

TCP_KEEPIDLE and TCP_KEEPINTVL were added in Windows 10 1709. [2]
The master branch on AppVeyor is using 10.0.16229 (1709) SDK. [3]
While 3.6 branch is using 10.0.15062 (1703) SDK. [4]
If you agree the way of PR 5523, maybe we should remove these two flags as well.

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