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Date 2018-02-03.21:14:21
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OS: Win10 / 8.1
Python: 3.5 / 3.6

My program use mp.Array to share huge data.
But suffer from out of memory after running for a while. 

But Windows task manager didn't show which process use that huge memory. And I use pympler to check my python memory usage. Still shows noting. So, I use RamMap to check, it shows a huge shared memory is used.

I can reproduce the case by the simple test code:
   import numpy as np
   import multiprocessing as mp
   import gc

   def F ():
       a = mp.Array ( 'I', 1800000000, lock = False )

   F ()
   gc.collect ()

No matter how hard I tried. the memory is not released.
I put what I tried in the attachment picture.
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