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Date 2018-01-30.15:10:32
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I noticed that SMTP.send_message, when getting the sender and recipients from the Message object, strips the name from recipients (to keep only the address), but not from the sender.

        if from_addr is None:
            # Prefer the sender field per RFC 2822:3.6.2.
            from_addr = (msg[header_prefix + 'Sender']
                           if (header_prefix + 'Sender') in msg
                           else msg[header_prefix + 'From'])
        if to_addrs is None:
            addr_fields = [f for f in (msg[header_prefix + 'To'],
                                       msg[header_prefix + 'Bcc'],
                                       msg[header_prefix + 'Cc'])
                           if f is not None]
            to_addrs = [a[1] for a in email.utils.getaddresses(addr_fields)]

There is an ugly side-effect to that (starting with Python 3.5) : if the sender name contains a non-ascii character, send_message will then require the SMTPUTF8 option from the SMTP server, and raise a SMTPNotSupportedError if unavailable. This is not wanted because the sender name is not actually sent to the SMTP server in the "MAIL FROM:" command (it is only sent in the MIME payload), so the SMTPUTF8 option should not be required based on it (it should only depend on the addresses).
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