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> I'm ok with turning the warning into an error. Does anyone object here?

Please don't convert the warning to an error. Usually, I ignore the warning and "make" produces a working ./python binary anyway.

It's common that I get the warning when using git bisect, since it updates Modules/Setup.dist.

If you want to make it an error, I would prefer to have an option to "ignore the warning", like always copy Modules/Setup.dist to Modules/Setup (if it's detected as outdated).

I like Xavier's proposal (msg309078): only create Modules/Setup if you want to customize it, otherwise use Modules/Setup.dist. I *never* modified Modules/Setup, I don't even know its purpose, whereas it bugs me frequently with it's annoying warning...

It seems like I would prefer to see bpo-32430 fixed.
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