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Date 2018-01-18.16:28:04
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+1 on on the API and for adding it in 3.7 and for deprecating set_coroutine_wrapepr.  This will simplify asyncio code and other event loops (like uvloop) and will lead to less overhead on asyncio debug mode.

I always disliked the set_coroutine_wrapper API.  Even at the time when I added it to PEP 492 I understood that we'll have to replace it eventually with something more sensible.

I think we should start working on a patch.  Nathaniel, do you have time to champion the work?

> Most important: what format should we use for storing the origin information? I can see three plausible approaches:

I'd be strongly against calling `traceback.StackSummary.extract` when coroutine object is created.  Let's go with the option 2.  You can create a list of tuple objects without the need of inventing a new struct.  coroutine.cr_origin (let's have the "cr_" prefix; dropping the prefixes should be considered in a separate issue) should return that list object directly.

I'm not sure how exactly the warning print logic will work with a list of tuples in cr_origin, I propose to start working on the implementation and figure that out during the review process.
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