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Author njs
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Date 2018-01-10.22:05:09
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It looks like Python's tracking the "running" state of async generators wrong: we should have ag_running set to True when we enter asend/athrow/aclose and False when we exit, but instead it's being toggled back and forth on each *inner* send/throw on the individual coroutines.

Here's a minimal reproducer (using some random recent checkout of master):

>>> async def f():
...     await asyncio.sleep(1)
...     yield
>>> ag = f()
>>> asend_coro = ag.asend(None)
>>> fut = asend_coro.send(None)
# Logically, ag.asend is still running, waiting for that sleep to
# finish, but we have lost track:
>>> ag.ag_running
# We can start another call to asend() going simultaneously
>>> fut.set_result(None)
>>> send_coro2 = ag.asend(None)
>>> send_coro2.send(None)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>

It looks like async_generator did handle this case correctly, but didn't have a test case. I just added one:
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