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Author Michael.Felt
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Date 2018-01-08.15:07:27
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Considering that _uuid is now working for AIX issue32399 - I need to get some things straight (aka some help please).

Does (./Lib/ call

If not, I am curious how _uuid.c is used - because ./Lib/test/ does not seem to be successful in finding it:

> /data/prj/python/git/python3-3.7/Lib/test/<module>()
-> py_uuid = support.import_fresh_module('uuid', blocked=['_uuid'])
(Pdb) n
> /data/prj/python/git/python3-3.7/Lib/test/<module>()
-> c_uuid = support.import_fresh_module('uuid', fresh=['_uuid'])
(Pdb) n
> /data/prj/python/git/python3-3.7/Lib/test/<module>()
-> def importable(name):
(Pdb) py_uuid
<module 'uuid' from '/data/prj/python/git/python3-3.7/Lib/'>
(Pdb) c_uuid

So, for now it seems the test is only testing ''. I would like to see the added value of having gotten the _uuid Module to build.

However, if this is 'working as designed' I not worry about it and just go back into the - getnode() etc.
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