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Date 2018-01-02.22:21:00
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Allow me to join the discussion here.

- I'm the maintainer of Python & Python3 in the OpenWrt distro, and (since a while) we also care about reproducible builds.
- The person [Alexander Couzens] who's leading the effort for OpenWrt, has pinged me about Python(3) and packages [to see about making them reproducible]
- In OpenWrt we *only* ship .pyc files, because of performance considerations [.pyc can be 10x faster than .py on some SoCs], and size limitation [we cannot allow auto .pyc generation since it can be expensive on RAM [ < 32 MB systems ] or flash [ ~8 MB sizes ] ; believe it or not, people run Python on something like this

Current status:
- so far I've implemented a simple change to Python & Python3 here:
- that has improved reproduce-ability quite a bit : only binaries are not reproduce-able now
- when I did this [1-2 weeks ago] I did not think of checking of any bug/issue opened here [ I only thought if this now ]
- I only checked what other distros may do regarding Python:

- initial discussion on OpenWrt:
- PR with discussion:
- current OpenWrt reproducible state [with the patch applied]:

I wanted to share my [and our] interest in this.

If we can help in any way, feel free to ping.

I will try to hack/patch some more stuff in the current Python releases to make them fully reproducible [for us], and probably share the results here.
When PEP 552 gets implemented and there will be a Python we will switch to them.
Atm, in trunk we package Python 2.7.14 & Python 3.6.4

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