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Date 2017-12-29.18:08:52
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I apologize if my extra PR is causing confusion.  My original intention was to merely forward port Antoine changes so they could compile with the 'master' version of Python.  Over time I have made some fixes to it.  I have kept it open because I'm not sure which approach is better (JSR or duplication).

I did a quick test on the .pyc code size increase.  It is actually tiny for the Python code in Lib/.

PR 5006: 21259894 bytes
PR 4682: 21263081 bytes (+0.015%)

Running Serhiy's microbenchmarks:

for i in a:
    try: pass
    finally: pass

PR 4682: Mean +- std dev: 11.0 us +- 0.1 us
PR 5006: Mean +- std dev: 10.9 us +- 0.6 us

for i in a:
    try: continue
    finally: pass

PR 4682: Mean +- std dev: 9.46 us +- 0.85 us
PR 5006: Mean +- std dev: 14.3 us +- 0.3 us

for i in a:
    while True:
        try: break
        finally: pass

PR 4682: Mean +- std dev: 9.20 us +- 0.09 us
PR 5006: Mean +- std dev: 14.3 us +- 0.6 us
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