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What I have learned.

Although the types are quite different, they are both 16 bytes.

Starting with AIX 6.1, libc includes uuid_create(&uuid, &status)
which fills "uuid" with a uuid.uuid1() like result.
After calling uuid_to_string( &uuid, &uuid_string, &status); the result:

Further reading of the documentation within """ and """ in Lib/ helps me realize that the AIX approach aligns with the UUID fields description:

        fields      a tuple of the six integer fields of the UUID,
                    which are also available as six individual attributes
                    and two derived attributes:

            time_low                the first 32 bits of the UUID
            time_mid                the next 16 bits of the UUID
            time_hi_version         the next 16 bits of the UUID
            clock_seq_hi_variant    the next 8 bits of the UUID
            clock_seq_low           the next 8 bits of the UUID
            node                    the last 48 bits of the UUID

So - with this: there is also more than can be done for AIX re:

More to come...
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