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Date 2017-12-20.09:53:43
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Thanks a lot. What should I do to  reopen .pyc file with non-ASCII path use
python3.6 in cmd?Could you give me* some **code examples*.Thank you again,
and I look forward to hearing from you

2017-12-20 15:35 GMT+08:00 Eryk Sun <>:

> Eryk Sun <> added the comment:
> run_file encodes the file path via PyUnicode_EncodeFSDefault, which
> encodes as UTF-8 in Windows, starting with 3.6. PyRun_SimpleFileExFlags
> subsequently tries to open this encoded path via _Py_fopen, which calls
> fopen. The CRT expects an ANSI encoded path, so only the common ASCII
> subset will work. Non-ASCII paths will fail.
> This could be addressed in _Py_fopen by decoding the path and calling
> _wfopen instead of fopen.
> Executing a .pyc also fails in 3.5 if the wide-character path can't be
> encoded as ANSI, but the 3.5 branch only accepts security fixes.
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> components: +Interpreter Core, Unicode
> nosy: +eryksun, ezio.melotti, vstinner
> stage:  -> test needed
> title: python3.6 can not reopen .pyc file with Chinese path -> Python 3.6
> cannot reopen .pyc file with non-ASCII path
> type: compile error -> behavior
> versions: +Python 3.7
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