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It looks like we have a bug with 'sock.settimeout()' and non-blocking/blocking modes (or maybe this is a feature?)


* to make a socket non-blocking, we call 'sock.settimeout(0)'.

* to make a socket blocking, we call 'sock.settimeout(None)'.

What happens if we call sock.settimeout(t), where t > 0?  The internal timeout field of the socket object will simply be set to 't'.  What happens if the socket was in a non-blocking mode?  Nothing, it stays in non-blocking mode.

What it means: suppose you have a non-blocking socket.  You call socket.settimeout(10), and most likely you wanted to make it blocking again.  Because all operations on the socket become blocking from moment (sock_call_ex repeats on EWOULDBLOCK and EAGAIN).

Now is having a timeout and blocking send/recv methods on a non-blocking socket a feature? Or is this a bug?
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