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Author yselivanov
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Date 2017-12-10.17:08:44
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In many contexts `asyncio._get_running_loop()` is more useful than `asyncio.get_event_loop()`.  The former function is predictable and simple, the latter can change its behaviour depending on the current policy and can even create new event loops.

Both `asyncio._get_running_loop()` and `asyncio._set_running_loop()` are public asyncio API, although the leading underscore suggests that they are special and shouldn't be used by regular users.  That's true for `asyncio._set_running_loop()`, which is intended to be used by event loops exclusively.

I propose to remove the leading underscore from `asyncio._get_running_loop()`, making it `asyncio.get_running_loop()`, and thus promoting a safer alternative to `asyncio.get_event_loop()`.

`asyncio._get_running_loop()` will be deprecated and removed in Python 3.9.
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