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>> Is there a way to get an annotated listing from git (given which patch, and therefore which person, is responsible for each line)?

Which source did you want to look at?  In github, if you go into any source, you can click on a line and it gives an option for 'git blame'.  That shows the last commit change for each line.  You can then click an icon to see a previous commit, etc.  For the .rst sources, it's a little different and there is a Blame button at the top of the source that will bring up the same view (commit annotations to the left of the source) as right-clicking.

I had posted about git blame a few months ago on core mentorship and Carol Willing mentioned another tool to get all the changes by line.  Here was her post:

Thanks for passing along the tip for others. You may also find the npm package `git-guilt` useful as it will display all the contributors to a particular line's history. <>
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