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A couple emails from async-sig for the context:


I propose to add another Protocol base class to asyncio: BufferedProtocol.  It will have 'get_buffer()' and 'buffer_updated(nbytes)' methods instead of 'data_received()':

    class asyncio.BufferedProtocol:

        def get_buffer(self) -> memoryview:

        def buffer_updated(self, nbytes: int):

When the protocol's transport is ready to receive data, it will call `protocol.get_buffer()`.  The latter must return an object that implements the buffer protocol.  The transport will request a writable buffer over the returned object and receive data *into* that buffer.

When the `sock.recv_into(buffer)` call is done, `protocol.buffer_updated(nbytes)` method will be called.  The number of bytes received into the buffer will be passed as a first argument.

I've implemented the proposed design in uvloop (branch 'get_buffer', [1]) and adjusted your benchmark [2] to use it.  Here are benchmark results from my machine (macOS):

vanilla asyncio: 120-135 Mb/s
uvloop: 320-330 Mb/s
uvloop/get_buffer: 600-650 Mb/s.

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