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> The fact that the TEMP directory is not clean already happens when running buildbottest natively with the standard Python Makefile (no one has noticed it yet I guess) and the directory contains a core file.

The root issue is likely the core file. I got a similar issue on FreeBSD when an unit test crashed on purpose but forgot to suppress crash report.

You should either find a way to disable the creation of core file when using faulthandler_suppress_crash_report() and/or SuppressCrashReport, or skip the test on Android.

I'm fine with skipped the test on Android, since the test currently uses faulthandler._sigsegv() which is already skipped on Android in test_faulthandler:

def skip_segfault_on_android(test):
    # Issue #32138: Raising SIGSEGV on Android may not cause a crash.
    return unittest.skipIf(is_android,
                           'raising SIGSEGV on Android is unreliable')(test)
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