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Author paul.j3
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Date 2017-12-06.17:43:10
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Did you copy the output right?  Testing your parser:

Without any arguments, I get the exclusive group error - the group is required:

0930:~/mypy/argdev$ python3 
usage: [-h]
                     (--device-get-capabilities | --ptz-absolute-move x y z | --ptz-get-status MEDIA_PROFILE) error: one of the arguments --device-get-capabilities --ptz-absolute-move --ptz-get-status is required

0931:~/mypy/argdev$ python3 --version
Python 3.5.2

With one flag but not its argument, I get the error that you display.  That has nothing to do with the grouping.

0932:~/mypy/argdev$ python3 --ptz-get-status
usage: [-h]
                     (--device-get-capabilities | --ptz-absolute-move x y z | --ptz-get-status MEDIA_PROFILE) error: argument --ptz-get-status: expected one argument
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