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> I agree that the PR I offers little (or no) improvement but I implore you to explore performance bottlenecks in async/await.

And I'm saying that there are no "performance bottlenecks in async/await".  async/await is *not* asyncio.  async/await and yield are language constructs that use generator objects.

Your benchmark *does not* test async/await vs yield.  It compares asyncio.gather to batches in asynq.

Now, maybe asyncio.gather can be optimized, but we should open a separate issue for that if we can have a better implementation of it.

Your benchmark doesn't test the performance of IO -- that's the thing we actually optimize in asyncio and that we usually benchmark.  asyncio.gather is a niche thing, and usually network applications don't have it as a bottleneck.

Closing this issue.
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