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Given that, I'd say the way to cleanest way to fix this would be to remove these lines from "compute_code_flags" in compile.c:

    if (!PyDict_GET_SIZE(c->u->u_freevars) &&
        !PyDict_GET_SIZE(c->u->u_cellvars)) {
        flags |= CO_NOFREE;

and replace them with a check like the following in PyCode_New just after we ensure the Unicode string for the filename is ready:

    if (!PyTuple_GET_SIZE(freevars) &&
        !PyTuple_GET_SIZE(cellvars)) {
        flags |= CO_NOFREE;

That way CO_NOFREE will be set only when appropriate regardless of how the code object is created, rather than relying on the caller to set it correctly.
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