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Nick pointed me at this issue for the undeprecation of inspect.getfullargspec(). While I'm fine with the un-deprecation for compatibility reasons, I would rather the function not last beyond Python 3 un-deprecated. Nick says, though that:
... the undeprecation
isn't a Python 2/3 issue, it's a "tuples, lists and dicts are really
handy representations of things, and Python developers often prefer
them to more structured objects" issue.

The modern inspect.getfullargspec implementation is a relatively thin
wrapper around inspect.signature, and the only lossy part of the
output transformation is that you can't tell the difference between
positional-only and positional-or-keyword parameters.

My argument is TOOWDI and as of right now there's 3 for getting parameter information for functions (of which only one is currently deprecated). I would also argue that if people want a "signature to core data structure" translation then that can be covered by a package on PyPI since even now getfullargspec() is lossy and we don't need that kind of pragmatic support in the stdlib for this.
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