Author jettlogic
Date 2006-12-05.11:53:19
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Anyone know why it uses a C extension?  The C code apparently appends fields to a writable byte buffer (so patching for unicode is impossible), reallocated as it grows.  How much efficiency is gained by doing that, with its many lines of logic overhead, versus careful use of python strings?  For montanaro, the UnicodeWriter with three coding conversions and a StringIO shows there is however much efficiency to be lost.

Perhaps lemburg's suggestion of a pure-python re-implementation of _csv is the way to go.  It does not look like a fun task, after adding in back-compatibility, benchmarks and tests, and I couldn't commit to it just yet.  Are C->Py patches typically accepted?  (assume quality code and comparable benchmarks)

I'll have to leave it at that.  If you leave this open, someone might take it up at some point.
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