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Date 2017-11-25.01:23:40
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The NNTP server used by test_nntplib currently has troubles on SSL:

$ ./python -m test -u all -v test_nntplib -m test_article_head_body  

FAIL: test_article_head_body (test.test_nntplib.NetworkedNNTP_SSLTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/haypo/prog/python/3.6/Lib/test/", line 242, in wrapped
  File "/home/haypo/prog/python/3.6/Lib/test/", line 187, in test_article_head_body
    self.check_article_resp(resp, body, art_num)
  File "/home/haypo/prog/python/3.6/Lib/test/", line 167, in check_article_resp
    self.assertNotIn(article.lines[-1], (b".", b".\n", b".\r\n"))
AssertionError: b'.' unexpectedly found in (b'.', b'.\n', b'.\r\n')

See also bpo-19613.
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