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Date 2017-11-24.15:20:05
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The Py_UseClassExceptionsFlag flag was added by the commit 035574d755bfc306704e9975dc10e4e05a47b3bb.

The commit 757af0e7bb7c7d56670fbc84f1f5b0182a54e3d5 started to use this flag:

+       /* if Python was started with -X, initialize the class exceptions */
+       if (Py_UseClassExceptionsFlag)
+               init_class_exc(dict);

Later followed by commit 98b6246c0c60f2831b0c7a66d8c0659ebac1ec32.

The flag was finally deprecated in the commit 3ce096459e348c95c2c3348f8d84720f25c1a4c9 in 2000.

All these changes are older than Python 2.0.

In Python 2.7 and 3.6, the flag is not used at all.

I think that it's time to remove it :-)
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