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You removed me from the nosy list, so I didn't see your reply until now when I happened to refresh the tab that happened to still be open :)

The warning I was talking about in that message was a warning that libffi was found but is outdated, which wouldn't be any help to you here.  There are already messages in the build log about libffi being missing and/or _ctypes not being built.

We do still bundle libffi for OSX and Windows, but we're trying to remove them.  I definitely don't want to add another bundled version.

You already have some install dependencies, or are missing some optional modules.  In particular, the lzma module depends on the xz package, readline depends on libreadline, _ssl depends on OpenSSL, _bz2 depends on bzip2, etc.  There is a message at the end of `make` about which modules were not built and why.

Another workaround you could use (at the expense of not having pip installed) is to configure with `./configure --without-ensurepip`.

Finally, since we've nailed down that lack of libffi was in fact the source of the problem, this is a duplicate of #31652.
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