Author baikie
Date 2007-01-21.22:10:25
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Hold on, I have a plan.  If _toc is only regenerated on locking, or at
the end of a flush(), then the only way self._pending can be set at
that time is if the application has made modifications before calling
lock().  If we make that an exception-raising offence, then we can
assume that self._toc is a faithful representation of the last known
contents of the file.  That means we can preserve the existing message
keys on a reread without any of that _user_toc nonsense.

Diff attached, to apply on top of mailbox-unified2.  It's probably had
even less review and testing than the previous version, but it appears
to pass all the regression tests and doesn't change any existing

File Added: mailbox-update-toc-new.diff
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