Author baikie
Date 2007-01-20.18:20:49
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Hang on.  If a message's key changes after recreating _toc, that does
not mean that another process has modified the mailbox.  If the
application removes a message and then (inadvertently) causes _toc to
be regenerated, the keys of all subsequent messages will be
decremented by one, due only to the application's own actions.

That's what happens in the "broken locking" test case: the program
intends to remove message 0, flush, and then remove message 1, but
because _toc is regenerated in between, message 1 is renumbered as 0,
message 2 is renumbered as 1, and so the program deletes message 2
instead.  To clear _toc in such code without attempting to preserve
the message keys turns possible data loss (in the case that another
process modified the mailbox) into certain data loss.  That's what I'm
concerned about.
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