Author baikie
Date 2007-01-18.18:14:36
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Unfortunately, there is a problem with clearing _toc: it's basically
the one I alluded to in my comment of 2006-12-16.  Back then I thought
it could be caught by the test you issue the warning for, but the
application may instead do its second remove() *after* the lock() (so
that self._pending is not set at lock() time), using the key carried
over from before it called unlock().  As before, this would result in
the wrong message being deleted.

I've added a test case for this (diff attached), and a bug I found in
the process whereby flush() wasn't updating the length, which could
cause subsequent flushes to fail (I've got a fix for this).  These
seem to have turned up a third bug in the MH class, but I haven't
looked at that yet.

File Added: mailbox-unified2-test.diff
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