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Date 2017-11-11.03:02:31
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OK, I've had a couple of days to become not-annoyed about this, and given the discovery that pytest doesn't currently enable DeprecationWarning by default (even though the default DeprecationWarning behaviour changed more than 7 years ago), I'm now prepared to write a short PEP explicitly defining our updated expectations around how deprecation warnings will be handled:

* Change the default warning filters so that DeprecationWarning is once again visible by default for code in __main__
* Clearly document the assumption that anything factored out into a support library will have a test suite. If developers choose not to do that, then they're on their own when it comes to deprecation warnings for the APIs they use, just as they're on their own in relation to maintaining the compatibility of their own APIs.
* Clearly document the assumption that test runners will override the interpreter's suitable-for-end-user-application defaults with defaults that are more appropriate for testing use cases
* Recommend that test runners also set this in the environment (so it's inherited by subprocesses), not just in the current process
* Clearly document "-We", "-Wi", "-Wd" as shorthands to override the default warnings filters with universal "error", "ignore" and "default" settings (right now you have to reverse engineer this from the warnings docs)
* Clearly document "PYTHONWARNINGS=error", "PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore", and "PYTHONWARNINGS=default" as the environmental equivalents (right now you have to reverse engineer this from the warnings docs)
* Explicitly recommend FutureWarning as the "always visible by default" alternative to DeprecationWarning
* Explicitly recommend PendingDeprecationWarning as the "never visible by default" alternative to DeprecationWarning

I suspect if we'd been clearer about our assumptions back when the change was made and advertised in the Python 2.7 What's New, we'd have had fewer problems in the time since (e.g. third party test runner developers would have been more likely to realise that we meant for them to make the same change that we made to unittest's defaults - re-reading now, I'm no longer surprised they didn't catch that implication)
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