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Oh, I didn't test on 2.7.

The old code contradicted the common comparison behavior. It allowed comparing select.kevent with other objects only for equality as for identity. `kevent == other` always returned False even if `other == kevent` returned True. `kevent < other` raised a TypeError.

The new code uses the default behavior. `kevent == other` returns the same as `other == kevent` (False by default if types are not comparable, but may return True if `other.__eq__(kevent)` returns True). `kevent < other` returns the same as `other > kevent`. E.g. raises a TypeError by default in Python 3. But in Python 2 all objects are comparable by default, and this breaks a test which expects that select.kevent is not comparable.

There are two ways to fix this:

1. Make select.kevent non-comparable again. This contradicts the default behavior and I don't know reasons why it should be non-comparable, but this was an existing behavior.

2. Remove the tests or change them to test that comparing select.kevent with other object doesn't raise an error.
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