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From the linked email:

> That way ad hoc scripts and the REPL will get warnings by default,
> while zipapps and packages can avoid warnings by keeping their
> simple, and importing a CLI helper function from another
> module. Entry point wrapper scripts will implicitly have the same
> effect for installed packages.

But a lot of non-ad-hoc scripts consist of a single __main__ module, and this will produce warnings in those.  Weren't those kind of scripts one of the motivators for not enabling deprecation warnings by default?  I seem to remember that's where they annoyed me most, but it has been a long time (thankfully).

When we had warnings by default we got lots of complaints.  Since we turned them off and turned them back on in unittest (and other test packages followed suit), we have not had complaints that I remember hearing before this thread, except about them not appearing at the REPL.  Are there real-world (as opposed to theoretical) instances of the current policy causing real problems?
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