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> Can you elaborate why numpy wouldn't use this new API? I designed it with numpy in mind :-)

The reasons I had in mind are:

1) numpy hasn't actually come to a decision about whether to use aligned allocation at all, or under what circumstances.

2) if we do use it, we'll probably need our own implementation anyway to support old pythons.

3) also it's not clear what the best approach will look like, given that we care a lot about using calloc when possible, and have reason to prefer using regular freeing functions whenever possible.

I wasn't making a criticism of your API; "it's not you, it's us" :-). But this is a complicated and subtle area that's not really part of CPython's core competency, and coming at a time when people are fretting about how to shrink the C APIs surface area. E.g. I can think of more interesting ways for the PyPy folks to spend their time than implementing an aligned_alloc wrapper...
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