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Author Maxime Belanger
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Date 2017-10-30.19:38:53
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Through the use of various Python packages (such as `pyobjc`), it is possible for a deadlock to occur due to how `_scproxy.c` calls `SCDynamicStoreCopyProxies`.

In more recent versions of macOS (10.7+), this function can block on acquiring a lock deep inside `NSUserPreferences`. As `pyobjc` allows Python-wrapped `NSString`s to be stored in `CFPreferences`, it is thus possible for one thread to hold the `CFPreferences` lock and block on the GIL while another thread holds the GIL and blocks on the `CFPreferences` lock.

We've observed this on a significant number of macOS devices before fixing ourselves by wrapping the calls to `SCDynamicStoreCopyProxies` with `Py_BEGIN/END_ALLOW_THREADS`.
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