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PEP 489 introduced multiphase initialization of extension and built-in modules.
Now, almost no module in the standard library supports this feature. This should be improved to prepare Python for better testing of subinterpreters.

Many benefits of PEP 489 don't apply to stdlib modules. However, the PEP effectively says that by using multi-phase init, the module author "promises" that the module is "subinterpreter-friendly" [0]. So, when porting, each module should be checked that it e.g. doesn't use mutable process-global state.

I'd like to port stdlib to multi-phase init, starting with the easier modules, to:
    - get familiar with contributing to CPython,
    - check and track which modules are already "subinterpreter-friendly", and
    - figure out how and where PEP 489 is lacking (beyond what is discussed in the PEP itself).

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