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Date 2017-10-17.13:39:14
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Serhiy: "I think it is better to not remove time.clock() until EOL of 2.7. And in any case it first should start emitting a deprecation warning for a one or two releases."

I really hate using 2.7 EOL as the final countdown to start changing things. Are we building a new "Python 3" chaos where everything explode at once?

IMHO it's not that hard to write code compatible with Python 2 and Python 3:

   from time import perf_counter # Python 3
except ImportError:
   from time import clock as perf_counter # Python 2

time.clock() is probably not the only code which requires two code paths in any non trivial application which wants to stay compatible with Python 2.

time.clock() is usually used for benchmarking. I hope that all benchmarking code was already patched to use time.perf_counter() when available, to make the code portable and get better resolution on Unix.
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