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Date 2017-10-14.16:39:35
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According to Serhiy's advice (,
this issue now also includes some crashes in _elementtree:

The following code crashes:
import _elementtree
parser = _elementtree.XMLParser.__new__(_elementtree.XMLParser)

This is because _elementtree_XMLParser_close_impl() assumes that the XMLParser
object is initialized, and so it passes `self` to expat_parse(), which assumes
that `self->parser` is valid, and crashes.
Similarly, calling feed(), _parse_whole() or _setevents(), or reading the
`entity` or `target` attribute of an uninitialized XMLParser object would
result in a crash.

ISTM that PR 3956 is more complex, and already not so small, so i would soon
open another PR to fix these crashes.
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