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Date 2017-10-09.11:09:53
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I failed to build with a Python built myself. But I succeeded to recompile a Python extension (_overlapped) in C++ (I removed two functions which caused compilation error) and then added faulthandler-spam/test_module/module.cpp code into _overlapped. So I was able to test C++ code raising a regular extension called by Python.

Sadly, using "AddVectoredExceptionHandler(0, faulthandler_exc_handler);" (instead of "AddVectoredExceptionHandler(1, ...") doesn't solve the issue: the exception is still logged. It seems like the faulthandler exception handler is called before C++ has the opportunity to handle the exception.

So it doesn't seem possible to log *unhandled* C++ exceptions using AddVectoredExceptionHandler() without flooding logs with *handled* C++ extensions.

I now agree with Steve Dower to ignore *all* C++ exceptions in faulthandler.
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