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> What does "changing" mean exactly?

I'm not a GC expert. Maybe we should add a global flag that disable calling nontrivial destructors and set it in PyObject_GC_New(). The objects with nontrivial destructor should be added to the special queue and destroyed in "safe" place. There may be a problem with determining the "safe" place. I think that any Py_DECREF() is a "safe" place, and the eval loop is a "safe" place.

> What will be the effects on normal code?

I think this shouldn't affect Python code if perform deferred destroying in the eval loop. This can affect the execution of extensions if reference loops are created in C code. Some objects in loops can live longer that before.

> How do you know that it will not create new problems that didn't exist before?

I don't know. But we can try and see what is the result.
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