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Author vstinner
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Date 2017-10-06.20:24:33
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My colleague Iryna Shcherbina came to me with this issue. I'm not sure that we really need to support COUNT_ALLOCS. But strangely, it seems simpler to fix bugs rather than guessing if users like this debug mode or not :-)

There are different ways to fix tests to make them passing with COUNT_ALLOCS. As I wrote, I would prefer to add a new Python 2.7 option to explicitly asks to dump allocations statistics: add a new PYTHONSHOWALLOCCOUNT=1 environment variable for example.

What do you think Serhiy? Do you prefer to decorate many 2.7 tests to skip them if COUNT_ALLOCS is used, or to add a new option?

I should try to implement -X showalloccount :-)
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