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In the github repository there is 'build.bat' that creates the mscv 14 solution, builds it and runs the ''.
Here is the output:
Windows fatal exception: code 0xe06d7363

Current thread 0x0000462c (most recent call first):
  File "", line 5 in <module>
caught test error: c++ error message

The 'Windows fatal exception: code 0xe06d7363' is only caused by a c++ exception thrown (regardless if it is handled or not). More on the error code is here:

The last line 'caught test error: c++ error message' is generated within the test module, where the error is caught.

In larger projects these tracebacks spam the faulthandler's output, as this is valid code and occurs often (for example for an IndexError raised in a c++ extension to end a for loop).
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