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Date 2017-10-04.16:19:08
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> Note, though, that you are likely to be the only person on Earth 
using this installer, since there will be no more binary releases of 3.4

Since this is the last release for XP, probably the ppl who are stuck on 
this OS as well. An installable package is a must for any 
maintainability to speak of. The lack of a binary release is actually 
going to be a boost for its use, here :-)

I also had trouble discovering this script in the first place since it's 
not mentioned in PCBuild/readme.txt .
If build instructions are updated as per issue31691 , this would help 
potential users as well.

Beside this patch, issue31170 and issue31645 are needed for the 3.4 
build to work.
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