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Date 2017-10-04.14:02:55
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Currently re supports local inline flags. 'a(?i:b)' matches 'a' cases-sensitively, but 'b' case-insensitively. But flags 'a' and 'L' can't be scoped to a subpattern. The 'u' flag currently just redundant, it doesn't make effect in string patterns, and is not allowed in bytes patterns. They can be applied only to the whole pattern. I think it would be nice to make them local.

The example of the problem that this can solve is issue31672. Currently '[a-z]' in Unicode case-insensitive mode matches not only Latin letters from ;a' to 'z' and from 'A' to 'Z', but also characters 'İ', 'ı', 'ſ' and 'K' which are equivalent to 'i', 's' and 'k' correspondingly. With local 'a' and 'u' flags you can use ASCII and Unicode ranges in the same pattern.

I'm working on the patch.
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