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Date 2017-09-30.08:40:51
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Hello R. David & Terry!

Appreciate your prompt responses. While experimenting with different test cases I realized that escaped slashes and newlines are intrinsically annoying to reason about as stringy-one-liners, so I threw together a small tarball test case - attached - to make sure we're on the same page. 

To be clear, I was referring *solely* to reading with csv.DictReader (we're not using the writing part).

The assertion for the multi_line_csv_unquoted fails, and I believe it should succeed.

I hadn't considered the design-bug vs code-bug angle. I also think that documenting this somehow - explicitly - would help others, since there's no mention of the interaction here, with what should be a fairly common use-case. It might even make sense to make a "strong recommendation" that everything is quoted + escaped (much as redshift makes a strong recommendation to escape).

Our data pipeline is doing fine after the right parameters on both sides, this is more about improving Python for the rest of the community. Thanks for your help, I will of course respect any decision you make.
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