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Date 2017-09-29.19:31:12
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> Assuming 3.4 is packagable using msi and hg is the only problem, I presume you could use an hg-git adapter to get an hg checkout to build from.
An official source tarball, by definition, should be able to be built 
from itself, and contain tools for that. If I take sources from a Git 
repo instead, I'm not building from a tarball. If I must do some 
undocumented magic on the extracted source to build that tools don't do, 
the tools are broken. The current ticket and the attached patch fix the 

P.S. I didn't include the patch right away 'cuz I was going to make a 
PR. But GitHub doesn't work for me for some reason lately, so attached 
it here after tried and failed.
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