Author theller
Date 2007-03-22.20:18:01
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I do not have a G5 machine available, only a G4 and the problem doesn't appear there.
For someone with a G5 it should not be too difficult to reproduce (or investigate),
I think that running './python Lib/test/ test_ctypes test_sqlite' should suffice.

However, if loading the GLUT library changes the cwd, and sqlite fails with a changed working dir,
I'm not sure where the problem really is and how it should be fixed.  It could be said that test_ctypes
should restore the cwd after the tests (but maybe this should be done by the test framework?),
or it could be said that test_sqlite should set the cwd in case the test relies on it.

I'll assign back to you because I have no way to test it on a machine where the problem appears.
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