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How often uuid1 is used?

I never use it and it looks uuid1 makes complicated.
How about split it to (or uuid/ and uuid/

I hope PEP 562 is accepted.
It ease splitting out (heavy and slow and dirty) part into submodule without breaking backward compatibility.

Without PEP 562, easy way is making proxy function.

# uuid/

def uuid1(node=None, clock_seq=None):
    """Generate a UUID from a host ID, sequence number, and the current time.
    If 'node' is not given, getnode() is used to obtain the hardware
    address.  If 'clock_seq' is given, it is used as the sequence number;
    otherwise a random 14-bit sequence number is chosen."""
    from . import _uuid1 
    return _uuid1.uuid1()
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