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Date 2017-09-26.11:42:14
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On 26-09-17 12:29, STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor added the comment:
> Using Git history, I found the following commit which added "r, w, x = select(r, w, w, timeout)" for Windows in tulip (old name of the asyncio project, when it was developed outside CPython):
> commit 84124f3d725c9931249d083e78f43fcda91c383a
> Author: Richard Oudkerk <>
> Date:   Fri Jan 18 13:03:09 2013 +0000
>      Minimal chages to make tests pass on Windows

Although this still does not teach us why the test failed on Windows and 
what is solved by adding the wrapper method, it does suggest that indeed 
the runtime behaviour will not be affected by removing the wrapper method.

The unit test might. To be honest, I did not run unit tests on Windows. 
Maybe by doing this, it might just tell us exactly what is accomplished 
with the wrapper method.
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