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> Guido, is this something you want?

I think it is useful given how much debate there has been around startup time in various contexts (not just pure interpreter startup time but also startup time when using specific libraries, packages or applications).

> Historically, we've shown a lot of restraint when it comes to adding
> command-line options.

But this is hardly a new command-line option; -X already exists. I think it's reasonable to add it here.

> Also, I'm not sure we want to induce people to start moving their imports
> inside function calls. [...]

That's a big leap from collecting the data to suggesting a specific solution. I don't think that making it harder to get the data really is the right approach to discouraging a debatable practice (plus, there are many situations where the practice *is* useful -- just as there are many situations where it's counterproductive). Consenting adults.
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