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Date 2017-09-12.09:22:31
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Python 3.5 moved to security only fixes recently, it doesn't accept bug fixes anymore:

It would be nice to Python 3.5.4 at least, or better: Python 3.6.x.

> (gdb) print *gen->gi_frame
> $112 = {ob_base = {ob_base = {ob_refcnt = 2, ob_type = 0x0}, ob_size = 0}, f_back = 0x0, f_code = 0xca3e4fd8950fef91, ...

ob_type should never be NULL for an object still reachable and with a reference count different than zero. It seems like a bug in a C extension. It would help to test your application on a Python compiled in debug mode.
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