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Date 2017-09-09.03:34:22
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I miswrote.  'Alt' becomes 'Option'. The new keybindings to be added to Classic Mac and Classic OSX in PR2494 are the following.

force-open-completions= <Control-Key-space>
expand-word= <Option-Key-slash>
force-open-calltip= <Control-Key-backslash>
format-paragraph= <Option-Key-q>
flash-paren= <Control-Key-0>
run-module= <Key-F5>
check-module= <Option-Key-x>
zoom-height= <Option-Key-0>

This leaves B3, replacing missing definitions in user files with appropriate defaults.  The only solution I can see is to use the system-appropriate builtin from idlelib/config-key.def as the default instead of the current hard-coded keyset.  If that file cannot be read properly, either from disk fault or user editing, I think it better to stop than to use a keyset that will not necessarily be usable.
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