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Author Devin Jeanpierre
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Date 2017-09-08.21:05:33
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So here's an interesting issue: oss-fuzz requires that the built location be movable. IOW, we build Python into $OUT, and then the $OUT directory gets moved somewhere else and the fuzz test gets run from there. This causes problems because Python can no longer find where the modules it needs are (encodings for example).

First thought: wouldn't it be nice if we could make a prepackaged and hermetic executable that we can move around freely?

Second thought: isn't that "Hermetic Python", as used within Google?

Third thought: doesn't Google have an internal fuzz testing environment we can use, instead of oss-fuzz?

So unless someone says this is a bad idea, I'd propose we not run these in oss-fuzz and instead run them in Google proper. The alternative is if there's a way to make it easy to move Python around -- is there a way to build it s.t. the import path is relative and so on?
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